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    • Executive Director, Head of Valuation and Professional Services T: +852 2846 9551 EAA Lic No E-176135

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An auction is an important disposal strategy particular for properties sold pursuant to Orders granted by the Lands Tribunal and on behalf of the mortgagee in possession, owners and liquidators.

Over the past 10 years Knight Frank Hong Kong has conducted over 60 auctions in both English and Chinese.

With our vast experience we are well-versed in the production of marketing materials, review of sales particulars, media relationships, majority and minority owners, meeting obligations under appointments and conducting well organised auctions. Our auction hall accommodates 60 persons and our in-house marketing and PR team and licensed agents will work with you to ensure maximum market exposure.

Our auction marketing service includes

  • Advertising and publicity coordination
  • Sales brochure production
  • Signboard and banner production
  • Mail shot deployment
  • Digital marketing