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Facilities Management

Our team offers service and advice to developers, investors and operators. We manage facilities, provide accurate and timely information and identify methods and alterations to improve operations, drive down costs and provide a healthy, safe and productive working environment.

During the design development phase we work with Chinese developers critiquing projects and helping them establish facilities management platforms supported with OPEX and CAPEX forecast.

As part of a global facilities management services agreement we provide facility management services to an international corporation with properties in Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

Our facilities management service offering includes:

  • Facilities Management (FM) system review – We aim to monitor newly built properties or enhance current FM systems in existing properties, provide training for client staff and advise on the procurement of new staff based on our enhanced system. To ensure successful implementation, we carry out audits to troubleshoot and fine-tune systems until optimal service is achieved
  • Fit-out guide & operators handbook – Our team produces a comprehensive user-friendly and compliant guide to help tenants fit-out retail units efficiently and safely while adhering to the design concept in accordance to international building and local government codes and ordinances. The Operators Handbook assists clients with services, management, safety and other development information to ensure successful launch and operation of businesses.
  • Service charge report – We produce in-depth analysis of both OPEX and CAPEX forecasts which allow us to recommend service fees and other costs to clients. Our report includes recommendations on staffing, maintenance, cleaning and operating costs as well as capital expenditure forecasts for a ten year period.
  • Global facilities management support – With the support of our global network we have the ability to make the most efficient use of resources, provide a standard management methodology and utilise our unique communication system between clients, staff and our worldwide Facilities managers.