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  • Greater China

    • Director, Head of Research & Consultancy, Greater China T: +852 2846 9552

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Producing market-leading reports

Knight Frank's Research & Consultancy team produce market-leading reports and indices as well as conduct objective research and consultancy studies for clients including developers, investors, government organisations and financial institutions across the region.

We assist clients in capturing property-related investment opportunities and advise government institutions on property-related planning and development issues.

Greater China is one of the fastest moving markets across the globe. Capturing development opportunities in the real estate sector will face intricate challenges amid tight land resources, we understand Greater China's complex land administration and zoning framework and are able to provide expert advices through in-depth research and market intelligence.

Our team is composed of highly qualified professionals from a wide range of disciplines including economics, statistics, finance and real estate. With a comprehensive Greater China real estate database, supported by our extensive agency, development consultancy, valuation practices, regional alliances and global office network, we are able to produce unrivalled data and analysis on Greater China and global property markets along with unbiased advices.

All reports and publications are available on our research library as well as appearing on our dedicated residential and commercial research blog Global Briefing, which features the latest news, views and analysis on the world of prime property.

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We advise on a wide range of both local and regional markets, including:

  • Socio-economic and market research
  • Urban and land policy analysis
  • Catchment analysis
  • Price and rental surveys
  • Infrastructure impact studies
  • Cost-benefit and financial analysis
  • Market positioning analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategies to maximize potential value
  • Project development analysis and optimum product mix